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Black Diamond

Multifaceted Leader

To shine in all facets and to lead in all facets- It all starts with you! Let's get started! 

Meet Erin

Erin Price is a passionate and assertive leader striving to coach and lead clients just like you! Erin balances strategy, innovation, leadership and management to drive change and challenge the status quo. Erin helps individuals and teams enhance internal and external strategies to help better manage partnerships, financial goals, and actualize inner department results. In doing so, she takes time to listen and applies her leadership education and experience to coach and teach others to drive maximum results. She is an active volunteer and life mentor to students enrolled in Road to Hire. She loves helping others achieve their goals and has a passion for continued learning. Erin holds a master's degree in business administration with a concentration in leadership and change from Queens University of Charlotte and is a certified ALP (Actualized Leader Profile) Associate. Prior to graduate school, Erin lived in Alaska where she earned her bachelor's degree of science in business administration. She has accumulated over 15 years of leadership experience including directing teams, public speaking, mentoring, training , and coaching.

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